Art Fund (YCN Competition 2018)

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

“Convince all students—not just art or history students—that visiting museums and galleries can help them step out of their daily lives and get a new perspective on the world. For some, it might be about inspiration. For others, museums and galleries can offer a chance to relax and reset, or a fresh place to socialise.” - The brief.

For this project I made a series of posters which target different types of students, I done this by using galleries and museums tailored to a range of courses. These poster would be placed in areas and classrooms where these students study. As well as these posters I designed an overall poster for all galleries and museums which shows what you can get out of going and the different places you can go. This would be placed in communal area which all students use like, the library.

To go along with the posters I designed a booklet which explains what Art Fund is, why students should go to galleries and museums and what they get from it. The booklet also had information about a range places they can go with the Student Art Pass. This booklet would be placed into freshers packs at the start of the year and would be available on information desks. This would mean all new students would see the booklet and returning student could also see it.

Series of posters


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