Melvin Galapon

Melvin Galapon is a graphic designer who at the moment has been designing some of the London undergrounds posters showing that the tubes are open over night. His work is detailed and he used certain techniques in his work for example the background of his more recent London underground poster is laser cur and photographed. this gives the design the glowing look and makes the overall thing really pop compared to the deep blue.

When you first go onto his blog there is a slide show of all his work starting with his most recent. this saves the viewer scrolling though all of his work as he can be selective of what work he puts there. The slideshow really attracts attention as its the only thing you can really see on page which makes the user interact with it. When you go onto his blog you scroll down you get to see all of his work in rows and columns because he has a lot of work put up his images are realtivly small which i'm not a massive fan of and the page feels like it goes on forever as there is no next page.

My personal favourite project his has done is his 36 days of type because the look of them is very slick and smooth. every letter flows with the next and they are in a very different style compared to most 36 days of type i have seen. The little GIF's his made out of them are also really good as this gets you seeing the letters all together. After a while of seeing the letters it does make you feel a little dizzy as they are all black and white lines.

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