Underline Studio

The work of Underline Studio is funky, stylish and fresh. They are group of designer who are based in Toronto, the group is made up of 7 main people who specialise in different aspects of design. The main briefs they take in our Brand, corporate and marketing communications. In their work they blend classic and emerging design thinking to solve their brief's.

Underline Studio recieve briefs from retail, education, cultural, corporate,

and editorial & publishing. One of the big names they have designed things for is Youtube, The New York Times magazine and Dyson Canada. The group have also received around 400 awards.

ADCC design New York.

This is one of my favourite pieces what Underline Studio have done because of the angle which the the text has been cut and turned. as a result of this its made the design look very catchy and unique. The angles match and represent how NY is full of energy and life. Another thing what really stands out is because of the background colour as its not your traditional background colour like white or black. One thing I would experiment with is trying to get the background and text to contrast more. The initials are in a bold font what make the design stand more, the initials are also in caps what is the same as all New York city signs.

One thing which I find what doesn't work is the kerning as I feel personally that the initials are slightly too close together and the design looks a little squashed. However the design might not have the same effect if the kerning was looser.

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